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Meet the McClarin Family

Meet the McClarin Family

North Carolina native, Janice McClarin works as a home healthcare aide. When she isn’t taking care of patients, she takes care of her elderly mother Listine, her uncle Darrick, and two sons, Jimmy and Kamren.

The family has lived in the Goldsboro Housing Authority neighborhood for three years and feel that is it unsafe and bad for their mental and physical health. “We don’t like it here, but we have to put up with it”, Darrick said. Janice’s mother, Listine, is in her second remission from breast cancer and hopes that moving into a new home will help her to feel better.

Janice was encouraged to apply to become a Habitat homeowner by her cousin, “I didn’t think I was going to get this far. Being accepted was overwhelming.” “When she found out, mom came in here and started screaming", eleven-year-old Kamren said.

Both Jimmy and Kamren are excited to help their mom with sweat equity hours. Kamren has volunteered at the ReStore and is excited for the chance to “learn how to build stuff”. Jimmy can’t wait for his 16th birthday in a few weeks so that he can help build his home. Jimmy wants to paint his room sky blue, while younger brother Kamren wants his “regular blue”. They are both ready to have their own space.

Janice and Darrick have both put in sweaty equity hours at the ReStore. Janice has also been out the construction site in Rosewood. “I like volunteering out there because it makes me excited to see what our house is going to look like”.

The family agrees that being homeowners is going to make a big difference in their lives. Darrick and the boys expressed that they will feel “more free”. Janice said, “I feel like we will be able to focus and be safe. We are ready for change, excelling and moving forward”. With this attitude and hard work ethic, the McClarin family is well on their way to a future of strength, stability and self-reliance.