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Home Construction

Habitat Home Ownership

New home construction is the most recognizable Habitat for Humanity program. It is primarily through new home construction that our families become homeowners. For those families who apply, the journey to home ownership is a process and a partnership. It requires a significant commitment of time and resources, but they are not tackling this effort alone. Once in the Habitat program, they are part of the Habitat family and we walk with them every step of the way. That includes while they are doing their sweat equity hours and preparing for home ownership, and even once they have bought their home and are making those monthly mortgage payments. Our families' long-term success if our goal.

If you are interested in Habitat home ownership, there are several basic qualifications:

You must live/work in the county in which you are applying (Wayne or Lenoir).

You must have a housing need (dilapidated, overcrowded, cost-burdened, government subsidized, etc)

You must fall within our income range (based on HUD guidelines, updated each year).

You must have the ability to pay (based on how much other debt you're carrying).

You must be willing to partner with us on the 300 hours (minimum) of sweat equity and homeowner classes.

If you're interested, each one of our counties has a different application period, and of course you are always welcome to reach out. Just call us at 919-736-9592 x1 or email us at You can also find our office at 2719 Graves Drive, Suite 3, Goldsboro, NC.
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