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There are often plenty of opportunities for volunteers to help build with our daily shifts running from 8-11:30AM and 12-3:30PM. If you're interested in learning more about how you can build with us during our next project, please just contact us at 919-736-9592 x4 or And if you are a business owner or are representing a large civic group or other organization, you may want to consider our Adopt-A-Day opportunities ($50/person, exclusive lunch/t-shirt/team photo provided). Typically we do ask for volunteers to be 16 and up but there may be opportunities to engage younger folks, provided they are coming with close adult supervision. If you'd like to learn more, please just let us know!

We are already accepting donations for our Lenoir County Build 2024 project. There also are multiple opportunities to contribute financially to this effort. Donations can be mailed to 131 E. Walnut St., Goldsboro, NC 27530, or even made online here on our website. We also can pick up in-kind donations to our ReStore. All you have to do is call 919-736-9550 and we will do our best to get you on our schedule as soon as possible (though we will try to work our schedule to do as many Lenoir County trips at once). Not sure what all we take? If it's in gently used condition with no rips, stains, tears or broken parts, odds are, with a few exception that you can find here, we can take it. Do you want to donate an in-kind item or service to our efforts, or donate land, house or other piece of property, or a car, boat, or even stocks and other financial instruments? Just call 919-736-9592 x5 or email

*Please note that it is our intent for all cash, stock, land, or other in-kind donations - except for those to the ReStore - originating from Lenoir County to be used on Lenoir County projects to the greatest extent possible. ReStore donations, however, cannot be separated and go to help fund the overall mission.